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SEIS Funds

SEIS Funds

Portillion Capital is pleased to announce the launch of TheFirst Sharia Complaint SEIS Fund in the UK.

The Portillion Capital Sharia Compliant SEIS Fund is open to all investors but it gives a unique investment opportunity for those whom Sharia Compliance and ethical investing is of importance, allowing them to invest with confidence. As the fund implements Sharia investment principles, it allows non-Muslim investors to invest in a fund that provides extra due diligence and governance in comparison to Non Sharia SEIS Funds. By integrating this strict investment approach we can ensure the start-up companies can have a greater chance of success.

In addition to this unique investment opportunity the investors further benefits from generous tax breaks. The main tax benefits are;

  • 50% income tax relief in the tax year of investment on up to £100,000 individual allowance
  • 14% capital gains tax (‘CGT’) relief on capital gains tax in the tax year of investment
  • Any gains upon realisation are free of CGT
  • Loss relief available to set against income tax which together with SEIS income tax and CGT relief is equivalent to 86.5% total relief
  • Reliefs can be carried back to prior tax year subject to available allowance

For every £1 that an Investor invests in the Fund they can receive 50p SEIS income tax relief and 14p capital gains tax relief, meaning that the net cost to the investor is 36p for every £1 invested. If the investment fails then maximum loss relief of 22.5p is also available which together with SEIS income tax and CGT relief is equivalent to 86.5p relief for every £1 invested.

We are working together with Seed Mentors who have provided mentoring services to a number of SEIS funds and have the ability to introduce potential investee companies and carry out due diligence prior to investment as well as providing on-going support for these companies.

The tax incentive offered by the Government for those who invest in these companies have been described by one formerDragon’s Den panellist as “one of the most extraordinary incentives ever created.” They are considerably greater than those offered by the Enterprise Investment Scheme.

By implementing a strategy of seeking out companies in a range of different but Sharia compliant business areas, by pursuing a risk mitigation approach and by backing entrepreneurs who know their business sectors it is reasonable to believe we have carefully addressed the risks.

Seed Mentors will be on hand with technical and other business development advice in a range of disciplines to optimise the impact of the individual chosen Investee Companies. The team at Portillion Capital have a range of investment skills which will also be available to the Fund.

The objective is to demonstrate that a Sharia compliant Fund,The first one to focus on SEIS, can make a major contribution to the UK economy in providing employment and encouraging new businesses.



We offer individually tailored advice on your investments based on a review of your requirements and attitude to risk. We offer regular reviews to ensure that your plans continue to meet your requirements and reflect your needs.

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Portillion Capital Ltd provides independent, confidential and fully informed financial advice to businesses in the UK.

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